How to get to Vieques

To get to the island, you can either take a small plane from San Juan International Airport (20-30 min flight), or a ferry boat from Fajardo.  You can also get a flight from St Croix or St. Thomas.

For information about air travel check here. 

For information about Ferry Schedules contact the Port Authority Marine Transportation at (787) 741-4761 or (787) 863-0705 ext. 476.

Cars rentals should be obtained before coming to the island, particularly in winter season.  Calling the numbers below for rates and availability is your best bet.  The Trade Winds staff is always happy to answer questions and make recommendations.

Abreze (787) 741-8156
Acevededo's (787) 741-4380
B&E Car Rental (787) 435-6488, 435-6020
Chepito's Car Rental (787) 741-1666
Marcos Car Rental (787) 741-0078
Martiza's Car Rental (787) 741-0078
Martineau Car Rental (787) 741-0087
Vieques Car Rental (787) 435-1323

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  • Vieques Tours on Boat or Kayak

  • Horseback riding tours

  • Visit the Beaches! 
    The best Vieques Island has to offer is the beauty of the beaches. Wide bays, small secluded coves, white sandy beaches, black sandy beaches, Isla de Vieques has plenty of solitary and beautiful beaches waiting for you. Whatever you fancy you will find it here.
  • Bicycle Rentals and Tours

  • Bioluminescent Bay Tour
    Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. If there is something you must do during your vacation in Isla de Vieques is to visit the bio-bay.
  • Visit the Lighthouse

  • Spanish Fort
    If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches on Vieques, and you want to explore a bit, you can make a quick stop at the wonderfully restored Count Mirasol Fort (or Fortin Conde de Mirasol in Spanish) high above the town of Isabel II. In addition to the view, it offers art exhibits and a nice museum of Vieques artifacts. The view alone is well worth the admission price!
  • Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Museum! 
    A few minutes walk from Trade Winds in Esperanza, you will find the Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Museum.  The Trust was founded in 1984 as a non-profit membership organization to save the island's Bio Bays, especially Puerto Mosquito, and raise consciousness in the community in preserving the be aches and historic and archaeological sites.  The Trust operates a wonderfully kept museum and gift shop in the town of Esperanza.  It also have a small aviary to help injured birds, turtle and other local wildlife. The Esperanza location offers internet access thru their computers for $3 for half an hour.
  • Vieques is well known as the Enchanted Isle (great island info on this site) as this beautiful 21 by 4 mile island boasts dozens of breathtaking beaches, untouched by manmade developments, as well as more than 17,000 acres of National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Although it is conveniently located between Puerto Rico and St Thomas (USVI), Vieques has remained relatively unknown, earning it's reputation as "an unspoiled paradise".  Although you don't have to "do" anything while on the island, there're plenty of recreation and cultural activities to chose from.
  • The natural beauty of the island is mesmerizing.  Enjoy the scenery as you take a jeep (see the list below) or horseback ride around the island.  From Trade Winds, you can walk o Sun Bay and simply watch the multitude of wild horses roaming on the dirt roads that lead to this and various other beaches (Navio, Media Luna…).  At night, be sure to  entire out and see the spectacular Bioluminescent Bay.  Trade Winds offers the best location and best value for Bio Bay overnight packages.
    This and additional maps found at the wonderful website
    Vieques Guide.
  • Vieques has a rich history of indians and pirates, which is fascinating for all ages to learn about.  There are museums located in the island's two main towns= Isabel II and Esperanza.  El Fortin Conde De Mirasol is a beautifully restored fort in Isabel Segunda.  This fort was at one time a jail, and holds the distinction of being the last fort constructed during the Spanish Empire in the New World.  The fort houses the Vieques Museum of Art and History and the Vieques Historic Archives.  (787)- 741-1717.
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