Trade Winds Menus for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Menu - Appetizers

Good Beginnings


Sautéed Garlic Shrimp and Yucca                                                          9.5            

Rice and Beans                                                                                          6.5            

Creamy Seafood Chowder                                                                       8.5        

Escargot al Ajillo                                                                                       8.5        

Vermont Goat Cheese with sun dried tomatoes,
virgin oil and toast rounds                                                                      8.5      

 Artichoke Hearts with Gorgonzola Cream                                           8.5


Deep Fried to Golden Brown


Calamari served with a tomato herb sauce                                        9         
Caribbean Fish Cakes with lime cilantro dipping sauce                    8.5  

Conch Fritters served with a lime cilantro dipping sauce                 8.5




Trade Winds Blue Salad with romaine, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, roasted red peppers and passion fruit dressing                                                      10            
Classic Caesar Salad                                                                                8        
House Salad                                                                                              6.5


House Made Dressings


       Red Wine Vinaigrette ~ Creamy Poppy Seed  ~ Blue Cheese            
Passion Fruit  ~ Cranberry Vinaigrette


Trade Winds Burger


Premium 8 oz Black Angus Beef served with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and fries                                                                                                             12   

11:00 am - 2:00pm




Salade Nicoise grilled Ahi tuna with black olives, anchovies, chopped egg, and boiled potatoes on fresh greens. 

Served with Dijon vinaigrette                                                                       16.5
Curried Chicken tender chunks of chicken breast in curry dressing over crisp greens with vegetables, raisins and walnuts                                    14

Greek Salad with three grilled shrimp, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and kalamata olives.  Served with our Greek dressing          16

Asian Sesame Ginger Chicken grilled boneless breast, crispy chow mein noodles, carrots, scallions and almonds on fresh greens. 
Served with our sesame ginger dressing                                                    14

Salmon on the Greens grilled salmon fillet on fresh greens and garden vegetables with pears and walnuts. 

Served with our passion fruit dressing                                                        16

Signature Blue Salad with romaine, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, roasted red peppers and our passion fruit dressing                                                9.5

Ensalada Carrucho tender local conch served
Island-Style with tostones                                                                               14

Caesar crisp romaine with house croutons, parmesan cheese and our classic dressing                                                                                                   8

with grilled breast of chicken    14                  with grilled salmon fillet  16
with fried oysters when available    16            with 3 grilled shrimp    16


House Made Salad Dressings

Red Wine Vinaigrette  ~  Creamy Poppy Seed  ~  Blue Cheese
Passion Fruit  ~  Cranberry Vinaigrette



Calamari golden fried and served with a tomato herb sauce                             9
Conch Fritters deep fried and served with a lime cilantro dipping sauce         8.5
Greek Hummus with sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and olives. 
Served with warm Grecian flatbread                                                                       8
Goat Cheese with sun dried tomatoes, virgin oil and toast rounds                   8.5


There is a risk associated with consuming raw shellfish or other raw undercooked meats, poultry, eggs or seafood. If unsure of your risk, consult a physician

Between the Dough

Served with cole slaw, pickles and chips
Add fries 2 ~ add a side salad for 4 ~ Basket of fries 5


Reuben our lean corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing
on grilled rye                                                                                                            10
Curried Chicken Wrap a tomato wrap version of our popular curried chicken salad                                                                                                                          10

Cheese Steak choice skirt steak sliced and grilled with sautéed onions, peppers,
mushrooms and American cheese.  Served on a Kaiser roll                           14

Grilled Chicken Wrap “Tanglewood Farms” chicken breast, bacon, blue cheese,
tomato and lettuce with our passion fruit dressing in a tomato wrap          10

Albacore Tuna Salad in a croissant with onions, celery and mayo, lettuce and tomatoes                                                                                                                    9

The Vegetable sautéed Portobello mushrooms, onions, peppers and zucchini topped with melted pepper jack cheese with sun dried tomato aioli on folded Grecian flatbread                                                                                                     10

The House Burger 8 oz all natural “Harris Ranch” Black Angus Beef with cheddar,
Swiss or American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion in a Kaiser roll           10

The Island House our 8 oz Angus beef burger with Swiss cheese and sautéed onions between grilled rye bread                                                                         11


The Captains Choice 


Fish and Chips fillet of fish golden fried and served with tarter sauce, French fries and cole slaw                                                                                                            14

Our Signature Lobster Benedict sautéed Caribbean lobster meat on English muffin
halves topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. 
Served with hearts of palm                                                                                     16

The Kobe Burger 8 oz natural US Wagyu beef burger with cheddar, Swiss or American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on a Kaiser roll.  Served with cole slaw and fries                                                                                                                     14

The Hacienda our 8 oz Kobe beef burger with Swiss cheese and sautéed onions between grilled rye bread.  Served with cole slaw and fries                            15


We reserve the right to add a 15% gratuity
A charge of $4 will be added to your bill for each plate split in the kitchen


Menu - Dinner

5:30pm to 9:00pm

Filet Mignon

Our signature 6oz Center Cut Choice Tenderloin, pan-seared and served with mashed potatoes, vegetable and port wine sauce            34


“Harris Ranch” USDA certified all natural “Angus” 8oz grilled skirt steak witha sweet corn and cilantro relish. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable                                                                                          29.5                           



We serve “Tanglewood Farms Naked Bird” boneless breast. The healthiest all natural chicken available that is minimally processed, grain fed and antibiotic free.


Sauteed in a Sherry guava glaze, served with rice and vegetable 19.5  

Piccata sautéed with lemon, capers, white wine and butter          19.5

Pasta, fresh vegetables, Garlic and Olive Oil                                     19.5

Pasta, fresh vegetables, David’s Marinara                                         19.5  


Pork Loin


“Southeast Family Farms” supplies our natural heritage breeds boneless center cut pork loin.  They are never given antibiotics or added hormones and are fed an all vegetarian diet Herb-marinated, grilled and served with pineapple salsa.  Served with vegetable and mashed potato          18.5


Veal Piccata


Served with pasta and vegetables enjoy our “Plume De Veau”   the first name in veal since 1968


Medallions of veal sautéed with lemon, capers, white wine and butter 21.5   


Puerto Rican style mashed green plantains, seasoned with garlic, bacon and onions Selections sautéed with peppers, onions and salsa criolla

 Chicken 18.5    Pork 18.5    Shrimp 19.5    Lobster 28.5    Fish (market)


Fresh from the Sea

Our fish is from the finest schools and prepared to your taste. Due to availability and market fluctuations prices may vary.  Please check the special board or ask your server for the price.  Served with rice and vegetable


~Grilled and served with pineapple salsa~

~Broiled with lemon and butter~ 

~Pan seared with West Indian spices~

  ~Sautéed piccata style with lemon, capers, white wine and butter~  

~Grist milled corn encrusted, pan seared topped with almond butter~


 Caribbean Lobster


Whole lobster Split and broiled with spiced rum and butter. 
A $5.00 plate charge includes dinner salad, garlic bread, potato, vegetable and Trade Winds key lime pie                                                                     per ounce 1.50


Sautéed lobster meat with pasta, fresh vegetables, garlic and olive oil          28.5

Sautéed lobster meat with pasta, fresh vegetables, and marinara sauce      28.5      Sautéed lobster meat with pasta, fresh vegetables in a
Thai coconut curry sauce                                                                                         28.5




Thai Shrimp and Broccoli with spicy red curry served on a bed of rice            19.5

Pasta with garlic, olive oil and fresh vegetables                                                   19.5

Pasta with David’s marinara and fresh vegetables                                              19.5

Pasta with Thai Coconut Curry and fresh vegetables                                          19.5

Our vegetarian coconut curried Quinoa entrée with sautéed shrimp              28   




Coconut Curried Quinoa a blend of wild and domestic mushrooms, sautéed with julienned sweet peppers, eggplant and snow peas in a red curry sauce with Peruvian quinoa and toasted coconut                                                                      19.5

Pasta with fresh vegetables garlic and olive oil                                                      16.5

Pasta with fresh vegetables and David’s marinara sauce                                     16.5

Pasta with fresh vegetables and Thai Coconut Curry                                            16.5


Menu - Breakfast 

Menu - Lunch

7:30 am - 11:00 am






Served with home fries and toast


Western with ham, onions, peppers and cheddar cheese                             9.5

Florentine with spinach, mushrooms and Swiss cheese                                9
South Side with our lean corned beef hash and cheddar cheese                 9.5
Creative with your choice of meat, cheese and vegetables (add .50 per ingredient for cheese and vegetables and 1.50 per ingredient for meat)                       7.5



Trade Winds French Toast made with local pan de agua and cinnamon      6
Three Fluffy Flapjacks (add blueberries for a buck)                                         6
Just Two Huevos with toast and home fries                                                       5.5
Huevos Grande with toast, home fries, bacon or ham                                     9
Fast Freddy made with one egg scrambled, onions, peppers, cheddar cheese and
ham or bacon on a croissant                                                                                6.5



Lean Corned Beef Hash fresh from our kitchen. 
Served with home fries and topped with eggs your way                                  9.5
Eggs Benedict on English muffin halves topped with sliced ham,

poached eggs and Hollandaise                                                                             9.5
Veggie Benedict with poached eggs on English muffin halves with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and Hollandaise                                                             9
Our Signature Lobster Benedict with sautéed local lobster meat on English muffin
halves topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise with hearts of palm.     16
Huevos Rancheros with scrambled eggs and scallions rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with salsa, cheddar cheese, black beans and corn                              9.5

Egg whites available on request – add 1.50



Oatmeal 3    Toast with jam and butter 1.5    Home fries 2    Bacon 4    

Hand sliced ham 4    4oz Italian sausage 5.5    Corned beef hash 4

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